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All of the tours and treks that Balthazar offers are flexible, and with consultation with our experts, can be completely adjusted to meet your needs.


  • Experience the Real Morocco

    Born and raised in the vibrant, colourful cities of Morocco, we are inspired to show the rest of the world our beautiful country, and our first-hand knowledge and experience makes us the best at doing it. Our insider expertise and cultural understanding allows us to take visitors to the most pristine and untouched destinations in the country, from Morocco’s vast Sahara desert to the scenic and picturesque Ouzoud Falls, without the formidable challenge of navigating the centuries old cities and deeply engrained culture yourself.

  • Feel Good About Traveling

    Inspired by the generous and friendly atmospheres that you will find in Moroccan cities and the gentle way of it’s people, we empower and give back to local communities wherever we can. We are associated with many charity groups and work closely with smaller tourist destinations to help spread tourism revenue is evenly across the country. Employing and fairly paying local expert guides, drivers and camel handlers is our way of saying thank you to the communities we travel through, and you can feel good knowing that your trip is helping to fuel the country and it’s flowering culture.

  • Travel Your Own Way

    People come to Morocco for many different reasons – to explore, the relax, to photograph, to honeymoon, to marry – and we understand that. This is why we offer flexible, personalised services and packages tailored to your needs and wishes, and offer special services to help you get what you want out of visiting Morocco. In the spirit of the Moroccan people, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, safe, happy and fulfilled during your trip.

  • You’re Safe in our Hands

    Morocco is considered a safe country to visit, but your safety remains our priority throughout your trip. All of the drivers and guides we employ are extensively trained and tested, and our access to local knowledge regarding treks and destinations is put to good use to ensure the safety and security of all of our visitors. Moroccan people are renowned for their respectful and caring attitude, and we extend this to you throughout your trip to guarantee you leave healthier and happier than you arrived.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    We have been operating tours throughout Morocco out of Marrakech for over five years, giving us a cutting edge when it comes to experience and understanding the needs of visitors. We have close ties with organisations and people across the country and we work with them to provide you with the best possible trip, without the hassle and stress of organising it yourself. We know the best local eateries, the hidden secrets of the busy cities and the best festivals and when to visit them, and we want to share this knowledge and these life-long memories with you.

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    Balthazar Tours Riads & Hotels Property collection . Explore our handpicked selection and let us know which ones you’d like to include on your next trip.

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  • Our Morocco

    We believe the protection and empowerment of the country that created us is vital to the sustainable and ethically responsible operation of tourism.


  • Moroccan Adventures

    Interested in starting your journey? Learn here how your adventure is created, from the sparking of an interest right through to touch-down in Morocco.