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Balthazar Awareness

Born and raised across the vibrant and colourful country of Morocco, we are obliged to protect, to empower and to give back to the country that we love so much. We operate tours throughout the pristine country knowing that the destinations are incredible and that they are untouched, and without this knowledge not only Morocco’s tourism industry, but Morocco’s ecosystem and society would falter. We are dedicated to providing tours that do not disturb the wildlife, but exist alongside and celebrate it, and that explore the country rather than rampage through it carelessly. We work in conjunction with and alongside many local individuals, communities and companies, attempting the spread evenly the tourism revenue, and use it to empower the country in which we operate.

Our mission is to celebrate Morocco, both through guiding visitors to the country through it’s multitude of wonders, and to give back to it, through choosing to work directly with smaller companies rather than just those at the forefront of the industry, and donating a percentage of our profits to well run and operated charities that focus on the betterment of Moroccan society. We invite you to read about these charities and organisations below, and invite you to, wherever possible, lend your helping hand too. Through travelling with us, you will not only be learning about the country, its culture, history and people, but helping to support, grow and build these – you will be one small piece in the puzzle of creating a better Morocco.

Town of Aroumd, Toubkal national park, Morocco

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