The beaches of Morocco stretch for miles, and are a wonderful way to escape the heat. Often hardly touched, the beaches are picturesque, and have been said to be reminiscent of beaches only found lining the coasts of tropical islands. Not all of the beaches are popular tourist destinations, but our first-hand knowledge grants you access to some of the country’s most beautiful and unknown areas, such as the beaches of Al-Hoceima Nation Park and the beaches of Rabat.

Morocco is also great for adventure in the most typical sense of the word - for fun, exhilarating and blood-pumping activities and sights. There is plenty of wildlife to see, oceans to surf in and waterfalls to swim in. Our talented guides, with their first-hand knowledge, are your key to these experiences - ensuring you’re not going to the destination best suited for you, but also that you are safe and protected and respecting the local culture and wildlife whilst doing so. This way, you can rest assured that nothing and nobody is going to get hurt as a result of your daredevil adventuring camel-back through the Saharan Desert in Morocco, and that you’re going to be able to tell the story to your family and friends when you return. An educative and inspiring journey through Morocco will expose you to the undying electricity of the country, the cultural beauty and historical significance of the region, and to some of the most scenic destinations in the world.
These untouched gems of the country, often overlooked as they are overpowered by generalisations that Morocco is a desert country, can be wonderful areas for relaxation, rejuvenation and healing, as well as family getaway destinations separate from the business of the more central cities and markets. The beaches are often the end of the road - a long sight-
seeing drive might accumulate in a visit to the beach, or a camel trek might stay the night at a beach-side hotel, but the magnificent beaches are underestimated as a destination of and within themselves. Not only are they great for escaping the heat, they are also often central to smaller towns and communities of Berbers, great for those looking to experience some authentic Moroccan culture and explore the hidden secrets of the towns with a friendly local tour guide. Their pristine nature also means that the protected coasts and beaches are home to many exotic species of fauna and flora, for those looking for a good photo or a one on one encounter with the wildlife of Morocco.

Consider visiting one of Morocco’s beaches during your tour, or have us plan a tour of all of the, criss-crossing the country and it’s sites in between visits and stays at the country’s seaside locations. Get a taste for some salt water and swim in the different inlets of the Atlantic ocean. Morocco offers both protected beaches, great for children and families, and wild, dramatic ocean surf, with many a friendly surf instructor around more than happy to give you the basics, or for those more experienced, show you around the coast.Crossing the vast emptiness of the Desert isn’t for everyone though, and there are plenty more things to see and do with younger children who may not be suited for desert camel treks. The drivers in the area, with whom we work extremely closely, are trained and experienced and in the comfort of a Toyota Land Cruiser you and your family can experience Morocco and it’s sights. These drivers are also knowledgeable and are able to educate you about the areas through which you will past and the historic significance of the sights you will see. Whilst it can be hot and children can be irritable, the beach is never too far away, and the luxurious hotels feature pools, air conditioning and activities for children to keep them entertained while you rest reading in the sun.

The country is also extremely educative in it’s history and culture, great for sparking interest in children or teenagers about history, religion or culture in Morocco and the Middle East as a whole. Our guides are knowledgeable in these areas, and as locals, are more than happy to teach and inform both you and your children about Morocco and it’s customs, history, art, music and cuisine. We select locals from the area that are not only friendly and educated, but have good English skills, work well with children and are willing to cater to your needs. This extends to all of our employees - from the drivers to the guides to the camel-carers.

Balthazar Tours offers itineraries tailor made to your needs and budget. The exchange between us and our customers is at the heart of our tours. If you can't decide how to make the most of your holiday we offer the following tour as a suggestion. In keeping with our belief in preserving the culture and ecology of Morocco we donate 5% of our profit to the Association Mqourn which assists with development and regeneration of the local area and historic sites in Tinghir.

Journeys To Inspire All of the tours and treks that Balthazar offers are flexible, and with consultation with our experts, can be completely adjusted to meet your needs.

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