Not the camel type, but also a bit afraid of such long walks? Don’t worry – there are bike tours across Morocco available for all different experiences and ages. In a fashion similar to all hikes and treks, biking tours throughout Morocco can be tailored to suit your desires and level of experience, ranging from the timid and calm to the daring and adventurous. These biking tours also take place in a large variety of different locations, allowing you to see the varying scenes of the country close-up and personally.

The country is also accessible through a ferry or a low-cost flight, meaning you can bring your own bike - allowing enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy biking through Morocco. There is an extensive network set in place for those looking to bike throughout the country or through specific regions, enough to span weeks or simply a day trip, featuring some of the country’s most beautiful sites and cities. Just like any other tour with us, you can customise it to be as calming or as daring as you’d like - accommodation can range from camping in rural areas under trees or in opulent hotels, and cuisine can range from first class restaurants to the street vendor food in the small, remote towns. Most of the journey is on dirt paths, though, so don’t expect too much luxury from the road itself, expect it from what you will see.

Balthazar Tours offers itineraries tailor made to your needs and budget. The exchange between us and our customers is at the heart of our tours. If you can't decide how to make the most of your holiday we offer the following tour as a suggestion. In keeping with our belief in preserving the culture and ecology of Morocco we donate 5% of our profit to the Association Mqourn which assists with development and regeneration of the local area and historic sites in Tinghir.

Journeys To Inspire All of the tours and treks that Balthazar offers are flexible, and with consultation with our experts, can be completely adjusted to meet your needs.

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