Renowned for its unique culinary world, the food of Morocco is identifiable through it’s subtle use of spices and it’s mouth-watering aroma, often featuring fish, meat and fresh produce like fruit and vegetables. There is something for all tastes in Morocco, from luxurious restaurants serving world-class dishes, to small Berber-run cafes and street food serving dishes with world-class taste. You can experience all of these, and the way in the which the cuisine differs from region to region, on a tour specially designed to excite your tastebuds, or along the way during your other tours.

We are excited by the food of our country, and we hope you are too. If you love your food, we can arrange for you to learn how to prepare it yourself, learning from the traditional masters of Moroccan cuisine, using age-old techniques and ingredients that no one else in the world has access to. We have access not only to the places this food is served, however, but to the places it is grown and prepared, and we are willing and able to take you there. With influences from across the world, ranging from French flavours to traditional African ingredients, the Moroccan food world can be daunting and sometimes intimidating. We have many guides who enjoy food just as much as you do, and their knowledge of the local cuisine from region to region is invaluable should you wish to discover the culinary world of this country.

It is not surprising, in Morocco, for local families to invite you for dinner and to spend the night, and there are many local guides who would be more than willing to show you the average day in the life. Some of the most interesting foods of this country are the ones that go unnoticed to the average traveller - the ones not served in boutique restaurants or in the European hotels - but prepared and served in the houses across the country. Only us, with our local connection and experience, have access to this and can let you access it in hopes that you will fall as in love with our country as we are.

Balthazar Tours offers itineraries tailor made to your needs and budget. The exchange between us and our customers is at the heart of our tours. If you can't decide how to make the most of your holiday we offer the following tour as a suggestion. In keeping with our belief in preserving the culture and ecology of Morocco we donate 5% of our profit to the Association Mqourn which assists with development and regeneration of the local area and historic sites in Tinghir.

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