Morocco has a vibrant festival and religious culture, meaning that music is at the hearts of many locals. Not only are there authentic Moroccan Berber bands, which will excite and inspire you, but many classical musicians of a world-class standard playing across the country in hotels and restaurants and their own performances. Much like the food of Morocco, the music differs from region to region, and you can choose to explore this during your other tour, or we can design a tour specifically for you, focused on experiencing the vast musical world of this country. The music of the country is just as colourful and diverse as the country itself, and a tour focusing on opening the world of Moroccan music is one that is sure to take you to the depths of the country unseen by most travellers.

Morocco is home to many kinds of folk music, ranging from ritual music to popular music played at any festival or special occasion. There is both peaceful and relaxing music, great for those looking to unwind, and music that will get your feet moving. The Sufi brotherhoods, common throughout Morocco, use music to inspire a meditative state, and throughout history this type of spiritual music has become a large part of the Moroccan culture. Just as in European culture, though, Morocco also has its very own unique and exciting flavours of rap, reggae and pop music, which has produced many stars throughout the geographical region. Many of the artists from these genres have also attracted international attention, and many people want to know what it is about Morocco that allows them to breed such talented and inspired musicians.

The musical scene of Morocco is one that is both enchanting and exciting, and inspiring to anyone - not just those interested in music. However, a tour focused on the musical world of the country will range from the Berber folk music of the rural areas, which often changes from region to region, to the traditional music of the markets in the cities and of the festivals, back through the ranks of the popular and international artists and how and where they started. Moroccan music also has many French influences due to the country’s history, with many of the songs written and performed in French as this a commonly spoken language for many people throughout Morocco. In the same fashion, one can see the influence in the style of the music itself, and it is a great place to start exploring if interested in the way in which history can influence culture through music.

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