Many photographers from across the world come to Morocco for it’s diversity – you can capture desert, snow, waterfalls and tropical beaches in the same day. Not only this, but the vibrancy of it’s cities, the life of it’s markets and festivals and the integral religious culture of Morocco have also attracted photographers from every different walk of life interested in capturing and sharing a little piece of Morocco. The country is colourful, exciting and mix of modernity and tradition unlike anywhere else in world, featuring destinations that are thrilling to all senses, full of contrast, beauty and history.

We run photography tours year round, designed to give you the opportunity to take the most incredible shots you possibly can. The places we take you are not accessible by yourself, and only with the help of our guides will you be able to take such incredible and memorable shots. Not only this, but you get to mingle with other photographers - should you wish to join a group of other travel photographers - and meet new people with similar interests, bonding over the experiences you will share in Morocco. The tours are not only for talented photographers, however, and photographers of any skill level are encouraged to join, as well as artists and musicians looking to be inspired by all the Morocco has to offer.

We also assist in the production of films looking to use Morocco as a location. Many of the cities, beachside towns and oasis’ in the desert have been used in the production of films of all genres for years, and we can help, through our knowledge of the area and traditions, and through our connection with locals and organisations across the country, plan the perfect cinematic setting. We are dedicated to providing every service possible, meaning that not only will we assist, but we will be there every step of the way helping in every way possible - through organisation, logistics, catering and accommodation. Be prepared for Morocco to move and inspire you to

Balthazar Tours offers itineraries tailor made to your needs and budget. The exchange between us and our customers is at the heart of our tours. If you can't decide how to make the most of your holiday we offer the following tour as a suggestion. In keeping with our belief in preserving the culture and ecology of Morocco we donate 5% of our profit to the Association Mqourn which assists with development and regeneration of the local area and historic sites in Tinghir.

Journeys To Inspire All of the tours and treks that Balthazar offers are flexible, and with consultation with our experts, can be completely adjusted to meet your needs.

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