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Morocco, although it may seem remote, has many European-influenced areas and is a developing country that houses many modern amenities – so if you’re worried about bringing your children, you shouldn’t be. We offer many family-orientated trips or tours through and across Morocco, many of them geared to those with younger children, wherein rest and relaxation is at the forefront. You can stay in the imperial city of Marrakech, visiting the exquisite cafes and restaurants and the local mosques, pools and markets, or you can adventure out with short day-trips through the surrounding mountains, museums and sand dunes. Or, for those a little more adventurous, the children are also more than welcome to accompany us through the Saharan Desert on a camel trek, sleeping in tents and visiting the local communities, learning from and admiring them as you pass.

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Each of us involved with Balthazar Tours started off in a humble way, working for a major international tourism group that operated in our home country of Morocco for many years. We were tour guides, drivers and planners. We were deeply in love with our country and we loved sharing it with people from across the world. However, we were concerned about lack of