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If there was ever a country where it was possible to adventure, it is Morocco. Not only can you explore the country’s untouched wilderness, but you can explore it’s culture, visiting small cities and mingling with Berbers, and explore it’s history through tours of mosques, castles and markets. The mountain ranges are open to endless exploration and constant change, snowing in winter and beautifully warm in the summer. We recommend hiking and trekking as an adventure in the months between these two, however, as it can often be too hot or too cold to be enjoyable.

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Each of us involved with Balthazar Tours started off in a humble way, working for a major international tourism group that operated in our home country of Morocco for many years. We were tour guides, drivers and planners. We were deeply in love with our country and we loved sharing it with people from across the world. However, we were concerned about lack of